2019 Year-in-Review

Ace E. By Ace E. | December 17, 2019

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already coming to a close.

With this whirlwind year winding down and a busy 2020 on the horizon, we’re thrilled to see how far we’ve come in the past 12 months. Our product is better, our infrastructure’s improved, our team’s smarter, and our community’s enriched by the work that we’ve done. Most importantly, we can see the results of our labor in our customers’ successes.

And that’s what it’s all about.

So before we kick off a new decade - here’s a quick look back on the highlights of 2019.

New Product Features

We added a number of new features over the past 12 months. Some were customer requests, others long-standing parts of our product roadmap. Each has served to make our platform a more valuable addition to our clients’ technology stack. And while there have been far too many enhancements to list in this post, here are some of the major highlights.

Cognito Forms new features for 2019:

Upgraded infrastructure

In September, we upgraded our servers to improve our platform’s performance ahead of increasing demand.

The new servers enable our builder to respond faster while empowering more users to work simultaneously in our system. This has resulted in an overall faster tool that helps users work more efficiently when developing their forms. It also makes the forms perform faster when end-users are completing them.

Empowered more businesses

Why do we do all of this? Because this is how we help our customers grow their organizations and make better use of their resources.

As businesses continue to streamline their development work, many are taking a DIY approach. Rather than relying solely on their developers to create and maintain their internal systems, they’ve been turning to Cognito Forms for a tool that empowers non-developers to create their own solutions. This enables them to more efficiently manage their processes by collecting information – such as complex new sales orders – and routing it where it needs to go.

New Team Members

Over the past year, we’ve nearly doubled the size of our staff. We’ve added new talent - with their skills and ideas - to nearly every area of our organization. In fact, the Charleston Post and Courier even wrote this article on us in November, spotlighting our growth and the promising future that lies ahead for both our organization and our customers.

Community Enrichment

We were also happy to partner with professional organizations in our region to help them advance their goals. We hosted the American Advertising Federation’s District 3 judging for the American Advertising Awards.

We also hosted a group of their club leaders for a happy hour in our courtyard during their 2019 Leadership Conference. Since they were already in Columbia, SC, for their conference, we wanted to share a bit of our hospitality.

Additionally, our Creative Director Tyler Trotter lent his insights and ideas to a panel of UX experts during a professional development event for UX Columbia.

We’re looking forward to an even more exciting year in 2020! With new innovations on the horizon that will open new possibilities for users, we’re working away and looking forward to what’s coming in the near future!

Happy Holidays!

-The Cognito Forms Team

Ace E.

Ace E.

Ace is the Marketing Communications Manager for Cognito Forms. When not at the office, you can find him volunteering with the American Advertising Federation (and soon on stage with his band: the Cottontown Soul Society).