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Jamie T. By Jamie T. | March 3, 2015
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Over the next six months we plan to release a number of exciting features for our customers. These are features that our customers have been clamoring for, so we know they will be appreciated, but we want to make sure we get them just right. We would like you to help us by providing feedback on the features that are most important to you.

To whet your appetite, here is a summary of the ideas/features we specifically want feedback on:

Multi-User Organizations

Doing things solo is just fine, but when you have a lot of forms and entries to manage, it is much easier if you can delegate to others in your organization. This feature will allow organizations on our paid plans to easily add additional users and control permissions and access to forms and entries. For the long term, multiple-user organizations will also enable many of the collaboration features we have planned.

Okay, so this one may be a bit of a downer. While we would love the opportunity to continue adding amazing new features and provide unlimited everything for free, we do have to be fiscally responsible and ensure that we are charging enough for Cognito Forms to pay the bills and fund even more cool features. To this end we are finally offering paid plans for larger organizations needing more entries, storage, and of course, multiple users. These paid plans will also support many of those “must have” features we keep getting asked for.

Subscription Billing

One-time charges are great, but we know that many of you would like to collect recurring payments for donations, subscriptions, annual dues, etc. As such, we are working on ways to allow you to create forms that do both—collect one-time payments and automatically set up recurring payments. We have had a lot of interest in this capability and would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Bitcoin Anyone?

Bitcoin has been all the rage of late, but it is also a bit scary. However, if you are interesting in accepting payment via Bitcoin, you’ll be pleased to know that Stripe has bit off this one for you and is making it really easy. Just enable Bitcoin for your Stripe-connected payment form and customers will be able to pay you with their bitcoins. And never fear, you’ll just receive cold hard cash and a much lower processing fee.

PayPal Perhaps?

We are happy to announce that we are working with PayPal on a strategic partnership to make PayPal available as a payment option when creating payment-enabled forms. While we have been very happy with our Stripe-powered payments, we were approached by PayPal with the opportunity to provide the same level of powerful and intuitive payment features while leveraging the global reach and name recognition of the number one payment processor in the world.

A number of you probably have personal or business PayPal accounts already and would benefit from not having to create a separate Stripe account to leverage our advanced payment capabilities. Also, thousands of customers have been moving their forms from Adobe FormsCentral to Cognito Forms over the past month, and Adobe exclusively supported PayPal for payment, so integrating with PayPal soon will help these customers with their migration.

Save & Resume

Almost since our launch of Cognito Forms, we have had customers asking if it was possible for users to save their work and come back later to finish filling out a long form. We knew this would be a powerful feature too, but needed to add things like multi-page forms and advanced conditional logic first, to maximize the benefit to our customers. This feature will allow form designers to add a Save button to the form that will send a link via email to the user filling out the form. This magic link will allow them to come back later to resume editing or view their entry. The key to this feature is that we also plan to allow permissions to be assigned for viewing/editing via this link using our advanced conditional logic support and will also allow these share links to be sent out when managing entries.

PDF & Word Merging

Cognito Forms supports printing entries (and saving to PDF) already, but we knew from decades of experience that our customers need the ability to create documents from entry data in very specific formats, either to print or send off as PDF or Word documents. We have also been hearing this loud and clear from our new customers, especially in recent months following the “retirement” of Adobe FormsCentral.

Our plan from day one was to go beyond simple printing of the form as designed and allow you to merge entry data into your own custom PDF and Word templates. We will provide a default template based on your form design, but you will also be able to upload your own templates. Then, in addition to printing, you will be able to merge entries using any of these templates. Finally, you will have the option to include merged documents as attachments to notification and confirmation emails. And best of all, this great functionality will support repeating data (our repeating sections) and rich calculations, so you will be able to create very sophisticated documents with ease.

How You Can Help

Please consider submitting a support request and letting us know your thoughts about any of the features mentioned above. We are passionate about building the best online forms and know that your feedback is an essential key to our success.

Thanks so much for using and shaping the future Cognito Forms!

Jamie T.

Jamie T.

Jamie is co-founder of Cognito Forms, an online form builder for organizations seeking to quickly and easily connect with their customers. In his free time, Jamie loves spending time with his wonderful wife and kids, training for triathlons, camping with boy scouts, singing in the choir, and trying out the latest gadgets.