Import Your Wufoo Forms and Entries Today!

Still using Wufoo? Give our free, easy to use Wufoo importer a try, and rediscover the joy of form building with Cognito Forms! You’ll also get to try out our Team plan free for a month (a $24 value)! With great features and unbeatable pricing, Cognito Forms is the upgrade you’ve been looking for.

Here’s a quick guide for seamlessly converting your forms from Wufoo, along with all of your entries.

Importing your forms

To begin, enter your Wufoo account information and subdomain in the importer.

Our free Wufoo importer.

Next, you can select which forms you want to import, and if you also want to import entries. You can also preview what each individual form will look like.

Select the forms and entries you want to import from Wufoo.

Once you’ve selected the forms you want, click Import. After a few seconds, you will be redirected to your new organization’s page.

Your new Cognito Forms organization, with your forms and entries imported.

Clicking the Entries text will take you to the Entries page, where your imported entries are now listed.

Your Entries page, with all of your entries imported from Wufoo.

Make sure to verify your email address, and your account is now completely set up and ready to go!

Still have questions about importing? Check out our FAQs for Wufoo users.