Adding Your Forms into PageCloud!

By Nadia A. on March 22, 2016


Recently launched in November 2015, PageCloud is an innovative web publishing application that makes website design easy for the average person. Unlike the typical web publisher, PageCloud consists of dragging and dropping elements straight onto the page, then adjusting those elements however you want. No HTML or extensive coding knowledge is required - all you need is a browser.

Embedding a Cognito Form into your PageCloud website is incredibly simple: first, sign up for an account on Cognito Forms (if you haven’t already). Now, you can create a form with our easy to use builder:

Drag and drop form builder.

Next, go to the Publish page and select the Form Editor tab. Here, you can specify if you’d like to hide your form logo and title when you embed your form. Then, go back to the Publish Code tab and copy your form’s Iframe embed code. Finally, open up your page editor in PageCloud and paste the code right onto the page. That’s it!

Embedded form in PageCloud site.

For more information about publishing your forms in PageCloud, refer to our help topic.


Nadia is the Marketing Coordinator for Cognito Forms. In her spare time, Nadia enjoys listening to French house, drinking iced coffee, and talking about herself in third person.