1. How a Non-Profit Powers Membership Renewal with Cognito Forms

    Haley N. | December 7, 2022

    Discover how a Canadian travel agent association powers annual membership renewals by leveraging workflow features in Cognito Forms.

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    Haley N. | October 18, 2022

    Creating an efficient and effective human resources (HR) management workflow is a step-by-step process that is necessary for bringing on new employees.

  5. 5 Types of Workflows to Help Automate Your Business Processes

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    After understanding the benefits and narrowing down the elements of your own workflow, you can begin to decide which of the 5 types is best suited for your business process.

  6. Why Real Workflow Is Essential for Online Forms

    Jamie T. | September 26, 2022

    Real workflow is much more than replicating paper processes in a digital format. Learn about the seven requirements for real collaborative workflow and how Cognito Forms is transforming the online form market with our workflow release.

  7. Workflow - What You Need to Know

    Haley N. | September 26, 2022

    Workflows are at the core of every business process and can positively change the way in which a company operates. But to understand why it is important, we must answer the first question - What is workflow?

  8. What’s Changed With Workflow?

    Nadia A. | September 9, 2022

    New workflow capabilities are right around the corner. In preparation for this release, learn how these future enhancements work alongside your existing forms.