Entry status

To keep track of which entries you have viewed and approved, you can assign one of the following statuses to each entry:

  • Submitted – When someone submits an entry, the entry status changes to Submitted.
  • Reviewed – Once you view an entry on the Entries page, the entry status automatically changes to Reviewed.
  • Complete – After you are finished reviewing an entry, you can set the status to Complete.
  • Incomplete – Before submission, entries saved via Save & Resume have a status of Incomplete. You can change entries back to Incomplete at any time; however, if you choose to change the entry status from Incomplete, you will need to resubmit the entry. Additionally, entries with payment are set to Incomplete when the payment is declined or not yet completed.

Change entry status

There are two ways to change the status of an entry:

  1. Open up an individual entry, and select a new status from drop down on the far right:
    Change the status of an entry.

  2. Select a single entry/multiple entries/the entire entry view from the Entries page. Then, use the Actions tab to change the status of all selected entries at once:
    Change the status of multiple entries.

Filter by entry status

You can use the Filter function to filter entries based on their status. Learn more about filtering entries.

Filtering entries by status.

Frequently Asked Questions

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