About Us

Where we came from

We were once a group of consultants at a managed services company. In helping small to medium size organizations develop custom software, we realized we were often solving the same problems over and over for different clients. So we asked ourselves, “If everyone is having these same problems, shouldn’t we find one affordable way to help them all solve these problems themselves?”

The answer was yes. And Cognito Forms was born.

Why we’re here

Every day, we see people using Cognito Forms to do amazing things. From London’s largest tech coworking space who streamlined employee onboarding for their member organizations to the Canadian consulting group who empowered non-technical staff to create and manage their own sales systems, there seem to be no limits to what our customers are doing.

Even smaller organizations are revolutionizing their businesses, such as this organic farm who took their business online to this Ohio real estate broker who automated their administrative work so agents can spend more time with customers.

Our daily motivation comes down to one simple thing: Our customers inspire us. Every time we see how organizations are doing business, we want to help make them more efficient and more effective.

So, please, keep doing great things – and we’ll keep finding ways to help you do more of them, and do them better than ever before.

How we’re different

We believe that the tools you use to run your business should just work. You shouldn’t have to call developers for help, learn a bunch of code, or wrestle with a less-than-intuitive system. You should just be able to just pick up a new tool and immediately use it.

So we exhaustively design, test and develop every feature of our platform with that goal in mind. We develop multiple ways to achieve the same outcome – so you can work however you’re most comfortable. And we make sure our features integrate seamlessly with each other so you can build freely without fear of painting yourself into a corner.

That results in a platform that’s as flexible as it is powerful. And it enables you to spend less time developing your custom solutions, and more time using them to propel your business forward.

What the future holds

When you decide to take your data and processes into the cloud, we want to be the first tool you think of for help in doing that.

So we’ll continue to invest in our people and our platform. We’ll keep listening to our customers – and to your customers – to identify business challenges we can help overcome and obstacles we can help remove. And we’ll continue to develop and enhance what we know can be one of the most valuable and impactful tools for any organization.

Our Core Values


We are never satisfied with the status quo or established ways of doing things. We are expert problem solvers seeking new ways to empower customers who share our do-it-yourself, can-do, attitude.

Be Tenacious

We created Cognito Forms to accomplish something big! In this mission, we are patient, passionate and determined to make a global impact supporting the needs of every organization.

Act with Integrity

We are honest, transparent and committed to doing what is best for our customers and our company. We openly collaborate in pursuit of the truth, free from politics and hidden agendas.


We work hard every day to simplify complex problems and make them “easy peasy.” Whether improving a process or our product, this approach fosters confidence and peace of mind—both for us and our customers—because “it just works.”

Appreciate Each Other

We appreciate people for who they are and value the skills they bring to the table. We care for our customers, coworkers, family and community, offering the love and respect they deserve.