Data Management

Easily manage your data

Try all of our Data Management features.

Once you’ve collected and formatted your data, it’s time to put it to work. Our data management tools make it easy to build simple workflows and organize your data for maximum impact.

Whether you’re collecting survey results, sales leads, job specs or product orders, you can quickly filter, sort and share your data directly in the app. And if you’re processing data in another platform, Cognito Forms makes transferring data fast and easy.

Quickly import and export bulk data

Easily consolidate data in Cognito Forms when migrating from other systems. Or export bulk entries for reporting or archiving. With a simple visual interface, you can speed data transfer into and out of your account.

Configure entry data for your convenience

Sort by column and filter by content until the information you need is at your fingertips. Then, save your settings to ensure quick access every time you log in.


Upload entry data in bulk from an Excel or .csv file so you can manage all of your data in one place.

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Download entry data as an Excel or .csv file so you can utilize it in Excel or import it to other systems.

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Entry Sharing

Easily share entry data with others in your organization via email. Route sales leads, work orders and more.

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Saved Entry Views

Quickly sort, filter and configure your data by columns or conditionally. Save up to five views for quick access anytime.

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