Data Collection

Improve data quality through better data collection.

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Whether you’re a small non-profit gathering insights into volunteer satisfaction or a regional distribution company managing complex logistics – the quality of your data often determines your results. This makes it vital to capture accurate data, in the proper format, right from the outset.

Cognito Forms makes it easy to gather the data you need for more effective operations.

Gather the right data in the right formats

Easily customize how you collect information for surveys, order forms, lead forms, work orders, and internal and external documentation. Choose from field types that enable you to easily collect, validate and manipulate different types of data.

Build both your dataset and your brand

Quickly create user-friendly and engaging forms that increase your completion rate. Develop forms that match the style and personality of your brand for a consistent customer experience.

Leverage information to work more efficiently

Immediately use the data you collect to perform calculations right in the form itself. Or integrate your data with other systems to trigger automated administrative and operational actions throughout your organization.

Electronic Signatures

Create contracts, purchase orders and other documents using legally binding signatures directly integrated with your forms.

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File Uploads

Enable users to attach images, resumes and other documents when completing your forms. Specify the exact file types you want.

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Multi-Page Forms

Increase completion rates by breaking up long forms into several smaller pages. Add text piping for another level of personalization.

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Rating Scales

Create surveys about your business or event and select your own measurement parameters for the exact feedback you need.

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Repeating Sections & Tables

Make forms more user-friendly by enabling sections to expand with each user’s needs. Use these on job applications, order forms and more.

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Save & Resume

Make longer forms, such as complex estimates and training courses, easier for users by enabling them to save their work and pick up where they left off.

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