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Data collection

Data Collection

Easily gather, format and validate any kind of data. Whether you’re collecting sales leads and event registrations for your small business or crunching data for a scientific study, you can use our customizable field types to record your data exactly how you need it in order to use it.

Format numbers for calculations, dates and times, add values to dropdowns and checkboxes, capture electronic signatures, and collect file uploads using our drag-and-drop form builder.

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Logic & automation

Workflow Automation

Build flexible, efficient workflows that help you engage the right people at the right time. Even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, you’ll find our platform as simple as it is powerful.

Automate entire document-generation workflows. Or, enable actions that conditionally send email notifications, allowing your users to make changes, to perform actions or to just review their information – all using our no-code/low-code visual interface.

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Data management

Data Management

Organize, configure and transform your data. After all, your data is only as valuable as it is useful.

Automatically generate custom documents leveraging data collected from your forms. Manage datasets to use in lookups for greater process efficiencies. And create custom views and defaults for easier entry viewing.

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Security & compliance

Security & Compliance

Protect your customers, your organization and all the information you collect. Because, in today’s online world, security comes first.

Quickly create additional protections for fields and forms. Set organizational controls by the individual form or folder. Manage access and account permissions. And stay compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA and other security regulations.

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Increase the power, utility and functionality of your forms using native and third-party integrations. It’s surprisingly simple.

Use Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate or Make to exchange data with thousands of applications. Create workflows and automatically trigger tasks directly from your form entries. And quickly set it all up using either no-code visual interfaces or JSON.

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Online payment

Online Payment

Accept online payments directly through your forms – using Square, Stripe or PayPal. Whether you’re collecting a simple online donation or processing complex multivariable transactions, you can do so easily on any of our plan levels.

Simply connect your payment account to begin doing business in minutes. These secure online transactions integrate directly into your forms to deliver a better experience both for you and your customers.

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