Creating online forms to automate your work

Collaborate around your data

Workflows are at the core of every business process. Automate entire workflow processes, from information gathering to approvals and assignments. Utilize conditional and customizable email notifications to alert staff members when forms are submitted or when it’s their turn to complete a task.

Automating workflow processes with Cognito Forms

Engage the right people at the right time

Customers, employees, members - anyone can participate in workflows at any step in your process. Assign roles to get people involved at the right time and drive the form from one status to the next across multiple departments.

Completely customize your forms and engage your users by only displaying fields and asking the questions that are relevant at each step in the process while ensuring accurate and complete data collection.

Leverage information

No coding required

Cognito Forms is an easy, yet powerful, no-code platform for building form-based business solutions and automating tasks. Whether you need a solution for capturing sales leads, processing online payments, or streamlining your HR management, you can easily build and manage it yourself with Cognito Forms.

Hit the ground running by starting with a customizable template.

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