Connect apps to create automations and increase workplace efficiency

Every organization is looking for ways to get more done, move faster, and adapt to change. By integrating Cognito Forms with your existing systems, you can eliminate manual processes and empower your own digital transformation.

Using native integrations, 3rd party platforms and webhooks, you can immediately sort and send data the instant a user completes your form. This ensures you have the right data in the right place at the right time to accelerate decision making, enhance strategic planning and give your organization a competitive edge.

Create a front end for your systems

Even the best ERP, CMS or HR management system can often benefit from a new front end designed specifically for your business. Cognito Forms enables you to set that up quickly, then control access and maintain it yourself without constantly turning to IT for updates.

Add powerful forms to your low-code website builder

With Cognito Forms, you can easily embed forms directly into your WordPress, Wix or Weebly site. Native integrations enable you to work directly from your website builder, import and embed forms, and make changes in the most efficient ways possible.

Increase your online sales capabilities

Empower your customers to make purchases and pay invoices directly on your website. Through our partnerships with well-known and highly trusted payment processors, you can add integrated, secure and PCI-compliant online payment directly into your website forms.

Leverage analytics to increase completion rates

Gain insights into your form performance with Google Analytics. Optimize your content collection effectiveness and form completion rates. Add a Facebook pixel ID or Google Tag Manager code snippet for site analytics, retargeting, and more.

Google Analytics

Gain insights into how users are completing your forms with this simple integration.

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Microsoft Power Automate

Use your Cognito Forms account to kick off workflows in O365 and other systems whenever a form is completed.

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Connect your Cognito Forms data to thousands of other apps, using simple triggers that don’t require code.

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Create complex workflows that integrate Cognito Forms with other applications using Integromat’s visual builder.

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JSON Webhooks

Directly send entry data to other online services such as GitHub apps or OAuth apps.

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