Referral program

Quick Tip
Organizations on the Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans receive credit when they refer others to Cognito Forms.

Our referral program rewards the loyal customers who support us by recommending Cognito Forms to their friends and colleagues.

Whenever you use a referral link to refer a new organization to Cognito Forms, and they sign up for a paid subscription, you’ll receive a credit on your Cognito Forms account.

This credit is worth 20% of the referred organization’s monthly subscription. And, it’s automatically applied toward your own Cognito Forms subscription.

For example, let’s say you refer an organization that signs up for the $99/month Enterprise plan. Your organization will then receive a credit on your account equal to 20% of their $99 subscription ($19.80). You’ll receive this credit each month the organization you referred remains on their paid plan - for up to one year after the initial signup.

In addition, the organization you referred will receive a one-month free trial of their selected plan when they sign up.

For complete details, please see our Terms and Conditions below.

Get started

To refer a new organization:

  1. Log in to your Cognito Forms account.
  2. Select your organization’s name in the top left corner and then select Settings.
  3. In the Referral Program section, click on an icon to choose how you want to send your referral link. The referral link will take the referred organization to an invitation page, where they can select a plan level and receive their 30-day free trial. There are several ways to refer an organization:
    • Copy the referral link and manually share it via email or social media.
    • Add Cognito Forms branding to your forms and include the referral link there.
    • Allow an organization to sign up using your form’s Share as Template link.
    • Create a new organization when logged into your Cognito Forms account to gain referral credits for your existing organization.

The organizations you refer will appear on your account settings page under "My Referrals”, along with any credits you’ve earned from them.

Terms and conditions

  • Referral credits have no cash value and hence cannot be redeemed for cash. The referring organization must maintain a paid subscription level and credits can only be applied to the referring organization’s Cognito Forms subscription account.
  • Your organization’s account balance will be credited 20% of the amount paid by the referred organization on any paid subscription, starting on the first of the month after the referred organization has signed up for a paid plan.
  • If the referred organization prepays for a year, or qualifies for any other discount resulting in a lower monthly subscription rate, the lower rate will be used in calculating any referral credits.
  • Referrals expire after one year. If a referred organization signs up for a paid plan more than one year after the referral date, no referral credit will be provided.
  • An organization’s initial sign-up date is used when calculating the 12-month referral credit window. If an organization initially signs up for a free Individual plan, then upgrades to a paid plan later, the time spent on the Individual plan will be subtracted from the number of months eligible to produce referral credits.
  • No referral credit will be given to any organization that is not a Cognito Forms customer at the time of the referral.
  • No referral credit will be given for referring an organization that has already been referred to us, or is an existing Cognito Forms customer.
  • A maximum of one organization will be awarded referral credit for each new customer referred.
  • The referred new customer must purchase at least one Cognito Forms paid subscription and be in good standing for at least 30 days after the purchase prior to issuing the award.
  • Referral credits will automatically be applied in the form of credit to the organization’s monthly invoice.
  • Cognito Forms makes the final decision regarding the referral program awards, and reserves the right to change or end the referral program at any time.

If you have any questions about the Cognito Forms referral program, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!