Security & Compliance

Maintain data security and regulatory compliance

Security, accessibility and compliance are foundational to the relationship you have with your customers. They’re also the bedrock of our form builder.

Enjoy some peace of mind in knowing Cognito Forms is taking every possible step to ensure regulations are complied with, standards are met and security is in place. The same exacting standards apply whether you’re using the platform or your customers are completing your forms online.

Ensure accessibility and compliance

Cognito Forms is designed to comply with US and international regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA, as well as provide PCI-Compliant payment and meet ADA standards for online accessibility.

Exceed industry standards for data security

Our security protocols meet the highest standards, utilize the latest technologies to ensure your data remains private, safe and secure. Whether during data collection, storage or transfer, measures are in place to protect against unwanted access, corruption and loss.

Control additional and customizable security protocols

Empower account owners to control access and add additional form security to enable processes and controls that elevate the security and privacy of their customer or patient data.

Data Encryption

Add an extra layer of security to individual form fields to ensure data cannot be unintentionally shared out of the system due to user error.

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Folder Permissions

Limit access to forms by folder to help provide access to necessary employees while limiting how they interact with the forms and entries.

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Data Protection & Privacy

Stay in compliance with US and international regulations related to the security, storage and accessibility of personal data.

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ADA Compliance

Ensure your forms are accessible by those with disabilities and you meet compliance standards.

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