1. 13 Best Online Survey Tools for 2024

    Jamie T. | March 26, 2024

    Learn everything you need to know about survey tools: how to choose the right one, why you should use them, and how to make the most of them.

  2. Square vs Stripe: The Ultimate Guide for Small Businesses

    Jamie T. | March 21, 2024

    A comparative view of Square versus Stripe, detailing several critical features: pricing, ease of use, suitability for online versus in-person transactions, security measures, customer support, and how to select from among the two.

  3. 9 Examples of Modern Performance Appraisals

    Jamie T. | March 12, 2024

    Unravel the complexities of modern performance appraisals. Learn about the methodologies and best practices to ensure objective and productive evaluations.

  4. What Is Order Processing? From the Basics to Automation

    Jamie T. | March 11, 2024

    How does order processing work, and why is automation the future? A guide to understanding order processing and harnessing the power of automation.

  5. Likert Scales Explained - A Comprehensive Guide

    Jamie T. | February 1, 2024

    Explore Likert Scales with our detailed guide. From crafting questions to analyzing results, discover how to use this popular survey tool for impactful insights.

  6. Anonymous Feedback - Benefits, Challenges, and Use Cases

    Haley N. | January 23, 2024

    Learn the value of anonymous feedback in uncovering unfiltered insights, driving user engagement, and enhancing customer and employee satisfaction.

  7. Up Your Marketing Game with Online Forms and Automation

    Haley N. | July 18, 2023

    Supercharge your marketing strategy with online forms and automation. Learn to engage, nurture leads, and streamline workflows for success!

  8. FERPA Laws and What Educators Need to Know About Data Collection

    Haley N. | June 6, 2023

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Learn more about what is protected under this act and how to safely collect student's information with Cognito Forms.

  9. No Code in the Classroom - How Online Solutions are Automating Education

    Abbey H. | June 1, 2023

    Explore the power of no-code technology and its transformative effects on education, streamlining administrative processes, and enriching learning experiences.

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