1. Workflow Automation for Small Businesses - An In-Depth Guide

    Haley N. | August 22, 2023

    Learn how workflow automation for small businesses can streamline processes, increase productivity, and enhance transparency.

  2. Create a Custom Timesheet Form Using Our Free Template

    Haley N. | August 15, 2023

    Use our free timesheet template to create your own custom form. Harness the power of timesheets and simplify their creation using Cognito Forms.

  3. 9 Free Form Templates to Help Streamline HR Tasks

    Abbey H. | August 1, 2023

    Automate your HR processes, from PTO requests to exit surveys, with customizable free form templates and workflow automation.

  4. Up Your Marketing Game with Online Forms and Automation

    Haley N. | July 18, 2023

    Supercharge your marketing strategy with online forms and automation. Learn to engage, nurture leads, and streamline workflows for success!

  5. How Online Forms Make Gathering Data Easier for Your Sports Team

    Haley N. | July 11, 2023

    In this article, we’ll explain how you can up your game by managing your sports team with online forms.

  6. Enhancing Classroom Management and Student Engagement - A Texas Teacher's Success Story with Cognito Forms

    Abbey H. | July 5, 2023

    In this blog post, we spotlight Meg Schuessler, an experienced high school teacher from Texas, who has revolutionized her teaching and classroom management with the use of Cognito Forms.

  7. Simplifying Classroom Tasks With Cognito Forms’ Templates - A Guide for Teachers

    Abbey H. | June 27, 2023

    This blog post delves into how Cognito Forms can optimize administrative tasks in a teaching environment, freeing up educators to focus more on instruction.

  8. FERPA Laws and What Educators Need to Know About Data Collection

    Haley N. | June 6, 2023

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Learn more about what is protected under this act and how to safely collect student's information with Cognito Forms.

  9. No Code in the Classroom - How Online Solutions are Automating Education

    Abbey H. | June 1, 2023

    Explore the power of no-code technology and its transformative effects on education, streamlining administrative processes, and enriching learning experiences.

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