Alumni Survey

Keep up with former students and see where post-grad life has taken them.

Classroom Observation Form

Submit feedback to evaluate a teacher's performance in the classroom.

Course Evaluation

Get feedback from students about their class experience.

Emergency Contacts

Collect information about who to contact in case of an emergency with a student.

Field Trip Permission Form

Collect signed field trip permission slips from parents/guardians.

Parent Teacher Conference

Schedule a time to meet with teachers to discuss the year ahead, and ensure that conferences dates/times do not conflict.

Scholarship Application

Create a scholarship application form for your website that includes the ability to upload and attach essays and other documents.

Sports Team Sign Up

Allow students to register for a team sport.

Student Absence Request Form

Allows student to request a leave of absence.

Student Media Release Form

Allow students to provide consent to appear in various media.

Student Parking Registration

Allow students to register their vehicles and pay for a parking pass.

Summer School Registration

Allow parents to register their child for summer school.

Volunteer Signup

Create a volunteer signup form to allow volunteers to specify when they are available to help out.