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We're a tight-knit group of web developers and designers located in "Famously Hot" Columbia, SC. We're passionate about creating cutting-edge websites and web-based applications, and we got our start by creating custom business software for our customers — one project at a time.

Over the years, it seems one thing doesn't change — custom web development is expensive! Our customers were coming to us because they weren't satisfied with their current vendor, product, or process. However, we couldn't leverage existing software to meet our customers' needs because existing products were just too limited in scope. So, while reusing ideas and code from our past, we often found ourselves building forms for data collection from scratch.

After years of seeing this pattern repeat, customer after customer, we decided that we had had enough and to focus some of our efforts on product development. We felt that our customers should be able to acquire software that met their specific needs without all the hassle and without the steep price tag.

We decided to create the best form builder on the market. We wanted to empower our customers to directly solve their own problems with powerful forms that collect real data, handle complex calculations, integrate with their existing software, and seamlessly blend into their existing websites or applications. In 2013, we launched Cognito Forms.

In just a few short years, Cognito Forms has amassed a rapidly growing and diverse community of customers from all over the world, helping thousands of businesses enhance their workflow and boost their efficiency — all at an affordable cost.

Cognito Forms does everything we initially set out to accomplish and more, but our vision doesn't stop there. Check out our idea board to see what's coming next, and help us shape the future of our product!


Cognito Forms Headquarters
Cognito HQ
929 Gervais Street, Suite D
Columbia, SC 29201

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