Start growing your group or event in just minutes with our customizable templates. Users can add multiple guests at once, select membership levels or extra options, and pay any fees right away through our secure integration with Stripe.

Forms for Groups and Events

Cognito Forms can help group and event organizers get:

  • RSVPs for your upcoming event
  • Registrations for your conference or meeting
  • Volunteers for a project
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Survey feedback from events
  • And more!

Example Convention Registration

Scenario: The AcmeCon comic book convention organizers are expecting record-breaking attendance this year. Registration forms have always been the organizers' kryptonite, but not this year—they're letting Cognito Forms save the day.

Form & Function

Cognito forms respond to screen size, boast repeating sections and wield conditional logic.

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Repeating sections

Repeating Sections

Save & Resume

Save & Resume

Payment Forms

Payment Processing