Dog Rescue Center Uses Cognito Forms to Help Facilitate Adoption Process

Haley N. By Haley N. | April 29, 2021

Clancy’s Dream Border Collie Rescue is an adoption and rehabilitation center located in Central Indiana. They strive to find safe and loving homes for rescued dogs, specifically border collies, and support a network of rescues around the country.


The non-profit organization was established by Kenny and Elaine Shuck in honor of their late border collie, Clancy. After Clancy’s sudden passing, the Shucks founded Clancy’s Dream to continue on his legacy and help save border collies in times of need.

Melody Reese works as the foster director for Clancy’s Dream and is responsible for receiving, managing, and processing all adoption information for incoming dogs. She also handles foster applications, dog relinquish forms, and medical intake reports.

When she began to manage the forms and entry data, Reese learned her biggest challenge was organizing the massive amount of information received from potential adopters and pet intake reports. That is until she developed a system using Cognito Forms.

Converting Paper to Digital Productivity

Initially, Clancy’s Dream was using paper forms throughout their entire adoption process. “Just the organization of those paper forms was such a challenge,” she said.

Shuck recommended Cognito Forms to Melody after receiving a form he filled out through another business.

“You really have to take a look at this,” Shuck said. So Melody did. After trying it out, she began to incorporate Cognito Forms into the adoption process and realized quickly that it was a pivotal solution to the organizational issues she was having.

Following the Adoption Journey through Cognito Forms

When a dog is sent to Clancy’s Dream, an initial dog intake report is completed through Cognito Forms. This includes specific details of the dog in need, such as medical history, the initial assessment, and notes on the dog’s background.

Melody utilizes internal fields within the forms to signify that they have been received, reviewed, and approved. She says that this feature has been a “gamechanger” for her.

With customized internal fields, Melody can make notes from adoption calls and create additional notes upon submission of each form. She also can check off if the application has been approved, is under review, or rejected.


“We started from the ground up, little by little,” said Reese. And since incorporating Cognito Forms, they’ve processed more than 350 online adoption applications within the past two years.

Because of the large intake of applications, she appreciates the fact that all the organization’s forms are in a convenient location where both she and Kenny can review the entries.

And, by implementing Cognito Forms as a systems solution, Melody and Clancy’s Dream can ensure that each rescue dog will fall into the best possible hands.

About Clancy’s Dream

The mission of Clancy’s Dream is to bring help and hope to border collies in need. They provide rescue, medical, rehabilitation and adoption assistance for neglected, abused or abandoned border collies.

Clancy’s Dream continues to grow and support a network of other rescues around the country with the same purpose – to provide loving homes and second chances for border collies everywhere.

To learn more about Clancy’s mission, visit their website.

Haley N.

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