1. 4 Reasons to Love Cognito Forms - A User-Friendly Solution for Streamlined Data Collection

    Abbey H. | April 4, 2023

    This article discusses the user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create and manage forms, the comprehensive data collection capabilities, and the advanced integrations and automations. It’ll also highlight the benefits of using Cognito Forms, such as improved efficiency, productivity, accuracy, speed, and scalability.

  2. 4 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Forms

    Nadia A. | January 30, 2019

    Learn about the life-changing magic of tidying up your forms.

  3. Advanced Text Input Validation in Cognito Forms!

    Nadia A. | November 15, 2016

    Use our newest feature to validate all sorts of user input; ranging from Zip Codes and Social Security Numbers to MAC Addresses and Hexadecimal codes.

  4. Table Field Tips & Tricks

    Nadia A. | October 17, 2016

    In this post, we're going to explore some of the more complex uses of a Table field.

  5. 6 Reasons Why Repeating Sections Are Awesome!

    Nadia A. | July 12, 2016

    Repeating sections are one of Cognito Forms' most powerful features - and for several good reasons.

  6. Using If/Then Statements On Your Cognito Forms

    Nadia A. | December 1, 2015

    If/then statements can be some of the most useful calculations for both simple and complex scenarios on your forms.

  7. 7 Ways to Create a Form That People Will Want to Fill Out

    Nadia A. | September 17, 2015

    There are several easy ways to make filling out your form a quick, easy, and intuitive experience.

  8. Taking on the World By Going Local, Part 3: What We Did & Did Not Do

    Jamie T. | January 22, 2015

    Part 3 in our series about how Cognito Forms is localizing to reach our international audience.

  9. Taking on the World By Going Local, Part 2: Localization Myths

    Jamie T. | January 22, 2015

    Part 2 of our series on how we're localizing Cognito Forms to reach our international audience.

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