Add Another Layer of Security with Data Encryption!

Data encryption From Social Security numbers and banking information to passport details and credit reports, there are many instances where you may need to collect sensitive data on your online form. For both you and your users, it’s very important that every kind of sensitive data is properly protected and kept safe from prying eyes.

While all of your forms are already secured with SSL encryption and accessed over HTTPS at all times, you can now take your security a step further. Available to organizations on our Team and Enterprise plans, our newest feature allows users to easily encrypt their form data and prevent their sensitive information from being compromised.

Encrypt your form

Encrypt your form With just the click of a button, you can encrypt all of your form’s entry data at rest. Doing so ensures that your data is safe, and next to impossible for any malicious outside attackers to decipher and access. Plus, all of our great features still work just the same on your form with encryption enabled.

Protect your fields

Protect your fields After you encrypt your form, you will have the option to protect an unlimited number of individual fields. By protecting a field, you keep it from appearing in notification and confirmation emails, or otherwise being accidentally sent outside of your Cognito Forms account. For example, when integrating encrypted entry data, it will only be sent to a JSON endpoint over a secure connection. You can protect every type of field, including file attachments and sections.

It is highly recommended that you encrypt forms and protect fields containing any sensitive information. To learn more about data encryption, refer to our help topic.