New! Set form fields to Read-Only and create simple workflows.

Ace E. By Ace E. | April 26, 2019

Ever wanted to lock some form fields so they can’t be edited?

Maybe you were creating a quiz and wanted to ensure people couldn’t change answers later. Or perhaps you were making a job application with different sections for applicants and internal staff to complete.

There are many reasons you’d want to make fields read-only. And now you can.

  • Set fields to be read-only when an entry’s status is Complete. (This locks the field for editing).
  • Prefill customer names or ID numbers, then prevent them from being accidentally changed.
  • Create time-sensitive forms that lock sections once the entry window has expired.
  • Send users forms to edit, while limiting which parts can be changed.

There are countless applications. It’s up to you to choose what you’d like to be editable and when.

Ready to get started? Learn how to set fields as read-only.

Also — keep following these updates. We’ll continue expanding the functionality of your forms throughout the year.

Ace E.

Ace E.

Ace is the Marketing Communications Manager for Cognito Forms. When not at the office, you can find him volunteering with the American Advertising Federation (and soon on stage with his band: the Cottontown Soul Society).