Creating Awesome Event Registrations with Cognito Forms

By Rita F. | February 2, 2015

You’ve created the perfect event – engaging speakers, delicious catering, music to keep the party going, awe-inspiring decorations… what’s left? Getting people there, of course! Here’s a few ideas for getting the most out of your event registrations with Cognito Forms.

Let them eat cake! (But whatever flavor they want.)

If you’re serving a plated dinner with different menu options, go ahead and include the options on your event registration with a Choice field. This helps your guests know what they’re getting ahead of time and helps you plan your catering better.

Settings Result
Choice field settings using radio buttons. Choice field as radio buttons example.

You can also use Choice fields to let guests tell you their preference for beverages too, so you’re sure to have their favorites in stock.

Choice field as checkboxes example.

Say it isn’t so!

No one wants to get a “No” on their RSVP, but it’s always better to be able to plan with a more accurate count. Use a Yes/No field to confirm who’s coming and who’s not.

Settings Result
Yes/No field settings. Yes/no checkbox example.

TIP: You can hide other fields until guests say they’re attending using the “Show This Field” option on each field.

Show This Field example.

Three isn’t always a crowd

Guests can register more than one person at a time with Repeating Sections. This allows you to create a group of fields that repeat as many times as your guests want, so they only have to submit your form once.

Settings Result
Repeating Section settings. Example Repeating Section.

Party like it’s 2015

Nothing kills the party mood faster than a song that no one likes. Use a textbox so your guests can tell you exactly what songs will get them out of their chairs and onto the dance floor.

Settings Result
Textbox settings. Example textbox.

Give 'em the vote

If your event is more conference and less dance party, you can use Rating Scales to let your attendees vote on speakers, topics and more. This gets them more excited for the event and ensures they’ll get the most out of attending.

Settings Result
Rating Scale settings. Example of a 1-5 Rating Scale.

Make a little money

If you’re charging to attend the event, use Price fields to collect ticket costs as your guests register. You can also Assign Prices to Choice Fields and Yes/No fields to add different charges for things like extra sessions, conference t-shirts or other bonus opportunities.

Settings Result
Price field settings. Example form charging for attendance.

No more please!

If you’re planning a big, elaborate event, the last thing you need is a late registration that you didn’t plan for. Use our Availability Dates feature to close registration after a certain date and time.

Settings Result
Form Settings with set availability dates. Example message when a form is no longer available.

Say thanks!

Once they’ve registered, send them a little note to thank them for registering and confirm their details. Set up Email Confirmations under your Submission Settings to set up and customize these helpful emails.

Settings Result
Email confirmation settings with a customized message. Example of a confirmation email.

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, giving your guests the chance to register online from their computers or phones is the easiest way to boost attendance. Get started building your FREE event registration form from scratch or start with our handy template.



Rita is the marketing director for Cognito Forms. She brings more than 8 years of experience in marketing and is probably the team's most talkative member. An avid Gamecock fan and not-so-closet nerd, she loves spending time with her husband and their dog, Sirius.