Lookup Field

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What’s a Lookup Field?

A Lookup Field enables one form to “look up” data from another form. You can then use that data to populate dropdowns, perform calculations, or display text in the new form.

Animation showing entry data getting sucked into a lookup dropdown menu

It does exactly what I was hoping it would do!

Mike S.

What can I do with a Lookup Field?

Well, you can take your form integration to a whole new level!

Use lookup fields to create:

  • Job applications that automatically hide expired positions
  • Surveys that intelligently route themselves to the right people
  • Sales forms that track prices and inventory

You can also create:

  • Cascading dropdown menus
  • Robust discount codes
  • Complex order forms

Quickly Create Cascading Dropdowns

Sometimes called a dynamic or dependent dropdown, cascading dropdowns enable your form users to quickly navigate layers of hierarchical data, using one dropdown to filter the next.

The Lookup field lets you make cascading dropdowns with just one click. See how.

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