Sign your Cognito Forms with Electronic Signatures!

Nadia A. By Nadia A. | September 15, 2015

There are many different kinds of forms that may require a user to authenticate their consent with a signature, including contracts, applications, petitions, agreements, and more. Available to organizations on our Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans, you can start collecting hand-written electronic signatures on your forms today!

Easy, Efficient, and Paperless

When typically signing a form, you would need to print the form out, sign it in pen, and then deliver it back to where it needs to go. Instead of wasting time and paper, electronic signatures cut out all those steps in between and allow users to directly sign your form as they are filling it out.

As with the rest of our forms, you can enter your signature on any device - laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The signature area is large and allows plenty of room for your users to easily sign. Once a form is submitted, the signature field will appear as an image in your entry data, as well as in exported PDF files.

Try it out!

To add signatures to your form, simply select the Signature field from the Add Field box in your form builder. Place the field where you want it on your form, and make sure to save your changes.

Use your mouse or finger to try out electronic signatures for yourself:

For more information about electronic signatures, refer to our help topic.

Nadia A.

Nadia A.

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