5 Ways to Customize Your Form's Confirmation Page

Nadia A. By Nadia A. | September 8, 2015

Recently, Wufoo announced that they were no longer allowing their users to create custom confirmation messages for free. At Cognito Forms, we believe that having a custom ‘thank you’ message is an absolutely vital part of interacting with your customers. That’s why with every Cognito Forms account, you can create customized confirmation pages regardless of your plan level.

Now, let’s check out 5 different ways you can customize your confirmation pages for free.

1. Entry details and downloadable PDFs

By including entry details in your confirmation message, your customers can review their submission immediately after they submit your form. They can also download and print out a PDF file containing their entry information.

Custom confirmation page with entry details included.

2. Receipts for payment forms

Cognito Forms is the only form builder that allows users to create payment forms without any monthly plans. For forms with payment, Cognito Forms will automatically generate a receipt on the confirmation page that includes transaction information.

Order receipt with transaction information included.

3. Inserted form fields, such as first and last name

With the ability to embed data, you can make your confirmation message personalized for each user. For example, when your user submits their entry, the confirmation page can grab information from the Name field and add it to the message.

Custom confirmation message with fields inserted.

4. Conditionally displayed custom messages

Using a calculation, you can create an even more individualized message for your users. Depending on what your users answer, a calculation field can help display a unique confirmation message.

Calculation that conditionally displays a custom confirmation message.

5. Automatic URL redirects

Instantly take your user to a specific page on your website when they submit their entry. You can even post form data through the URL to create a completely custom confirmation page.

Custom confirmation page that automatically redirects to a different URL.

Take advantage of our free custom confirmation pages, try out our other great features, and find out why Cognito Forms is a better form builder.

Nadia A.

Nadia A.

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