If you’re looking for a self-serve option to keep track of your entry changes with little effort and maximum security, Cognito Forms is the answer.

With our newly released entry auditing feature, organizations can now easily monitor activity around their forms – that means entry actions, payment history, and email delivery status.

What Is Entry Auditing?

You have an entry that goes through a process. And your workflow may involve many people at different steps in your process.

Entry auditing is a powerful tool that provides you with a history of changes occurring at the entry level. Not only does auditing provide productive insights into the organization, but it also provides evidence of compliance with regulations and standards.

The new entry audit log allows you to see the history of this process – who performed what action, what role they’re in, when it was performed and what the outcomes were. By reviewing these changes, you can identify important factors to better understand why an event happened.


Entry auditing provides answers to these questions:

  • Did an email go out?

  • Who changed the entry?

  • Did anyone change the entry?

  • Did the payment go through? Did the payment decline?

What Are the Benefits of Using Entry Auditing?

Forms with the entry auditing feature enable the ability to view changes made over time by individual users. Being able to view these changes gives you the power to vet entries quickly and accurately — ensuring data integrity is held up to the highest standards. With our entry auditing feature, organizations can ensure that sensitive information is always accurate and secure.

Your audit log can be accessed anytime – letting you quickly review processes without sacrificing an ounce of accuracy. For those who take information security seriously, this added layer will give you extra peace of mind while keeping things simple to manage!

Why Do I Need This New Feature?

Organizations with multiple users and multi-step workflows can easily get into situations in which something has changed about an entry, and they don’t know who made the change. Perhaps a customer is asking why they didn’t receive a receipt, and you would like to find out what happened to the receipt email. Or your Zapier connection has gotten out of sync, and you want to investigate any issues with the integrations that are triggered by entry updates.

Track Changes to Your Data

With its comprehensive timeline view, you can trace back exactly who, when, and why your data has changed. Plus, it makes researching failures much simpler. If there are any questions about an entry – big or small – this feature will provide you with a detailed and chronological look into what happened each step of the way. In short, it enhances your understanding of entries like never before.

Want to easily monitor changes made to your entries? The audit log also includes entry updates to see which users changed an entry, when the changes happened, and exactly what changes were made to each form field.

entry audit log

You can access entry activity data as far back as 1 week (Individual plan), 1 month (Pro plan), 6 months (Team plan), or 2 years (Enterprise plan).

Auditing will allow users to answer these questions for themselves without having to contact support (although if you need additional support, our Customer Success team is always here to help).

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