1. New Feature Preview: Form Folders!

    As the year winds down, we've been hard at work on the highly-anticipated form folders feature!

    Read All About It
  2. 4 Ways to Keep Your Forms Secure and Stay #CyberAware

    In the spirit of NCSAM, we wanted to highlight a few easy ways to keep both your forms and your entry data more secure.

  3. Avoiding Security Warnings in Google Chrome

    If your website is still hosted over HTTP, there are two ways to ensure that your page does not display a warning when you embed your forms.

  4. How We Use Trello to Manage Releases

    Learn how our team works collaboratively to build Cognito Forms every day.

  5. How We Manage Cognito Forms Feature Requests

    Learn how we strike the balance between the features our customers want and what makes sense for the overall direction of Cognito Forms.

  6. File Uploads: The Technology Behind the Scenes

    Here's how we implemented a number of file upload features leveraging HTML5 while still providing a great experience for older browsers.

  7. Why We Chose Azure Table Storage over Amazon DynamoDB

    In creating a new cloud service, we knew using the right software platform was going to play a huge role in how successfully we could implement Cognito Forms.