1. Explore Our New Fall Styles!

    Check out these five new form design updates. They'll let your site's CSS automatically style your forms, while also giving you new ways to adjust your form's look yourself.

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  2. New Feature: Card on File Payments!

    Click one button to store your customers' cards with Square or Stripe. Then use the card information later for future transactions.

  3. Add Your Own Custom Placeholder Text!

    Using the new Placeholder Text option in the field settings menu, you now have the ability to your own custom placeholder text to the several form field types.

  4. Keep Your Forms Organized with Folders!

    This release includes the ability to organize your forms into folders, along with several other new enhancements to help your organization more effectively sort and organize all your forms!

  5. Introducing AMP Embedding for Your Cognito Forms!

    We're excited to introduce a new way to embed your forms onto your website: AMP!

  6. Set Quantity Limits on Your Cognito Forms!

    You can use quantity limits for product orders, ticket sales, signups, reservations, and just about any other scenario for which there's a limit to the number of times a specific value may be selected.

  7. Automate your Business Processes with Microsoft Flow!

    Using Flow, you can connect your Cognito Forms to services like OneDrive, Outlook 365, and Dropbox to automate your business processes and create advanced workflows!

  8. Get Paid Faster with Cognito Forms and Square!

    Paired with Cognito Forms, you can create forms that accept payments, sell online, collect donations, and more in just a matter of minutes!

  9. Building Complex Workflows with Enhanced Entry Management!

    The new Entries page is chock-full of features and enhancements that make organizing, viewing, and managing your entry data easier than ever.

  10. Assigning Numeric Values to Choice Fields!

    This month, we've added another unique feature to the Textbox field: the ability to mask inputted passwords from view!