1. Why do I need the entry auditing feature?

    Haley N. | February 13, 2023

    With our newly released entry auditing feature, organizations can now easily monitor activity around their forms – that means entry actions, payment history, and email delivery status.

  2. Workflow Preview

    Haley N. | June 29, 2022

    Get a sneak peek at one of our biggest features to date and take a look at some awesome new capabilities to be released later this year.

  3. New Features Expand Integration Capabilities

    Nadia A. | February 7, 2022

    New features expand what you can do when you integrate Cognito Forms with your other apps using Power Automate, Zapier and Make.

  4. Copy Forms (including entries!) and Share Connected Forms and Templates

    Ace E. | September 3, 2020

    Work more efficiently with a streamlined new way to share form entries and forms connected by Lookup fields.

  5. New Feature! Use your email address for notifications

    Ace E. | March 4, 2020

    Verify up to 2 email addresses for use with your Cognito Forms account.

  6. New Feature: Social Login

    Ace E. | February 7, 2020

    Quickly create and login to your Cognito Forms account using Facebook or Google.

  7. New Feature! More Helpful Help Text

    Ace E. | December 10, 2019

    Add images, links and image links to your form's instructional text.

  8. New Feature! Personalize forms with text piping

    Ace E. | December 2, 2019

    Use question piping and other text piping to make your forms more conversational.

  9. New! Enhanced Conditional Logic

    Ace E. | July 26, 2019

    Do more, more easily – with powerful visual calculation tools.

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