Sharing entries


In Cognito Forms, entry sharing involves sharing a link to entry data either through an email notification or by directly copying and pasting the link to an entry. In order to be able to share entries, you must first enable Workflow Link Sharing.

With Workflow Link Sharing enabled on your form, you can send workflow links that enable individuals within a workflow to view or edit an entry based on role. While you’ll typically share these links automatically using email notifications tied to actions in your workflow, you can manually share them with individual users at any time from the Entries Page.

Sharing a link to an entry

You can use the Share function at the top of an entry to quickly send an email including a link to the entry, or simply copy the link to the entry to share it.

If you choose to send an email, the email notification sent is the Link Sharing Email Notification. This email template is created in the Workflow menu on the Build Page.

  1. From the Entries Page, open the entry you’d like to share.

  2. Click Share at the top of the entry.

  3. Specify the role link type.

  4. Determine whether you’d like to send an email or share a copied link to the entry.

    To send an email, select Specific Person under ‘Share With,’ then input the recipient’s email address in the available Email field. Click Share to send the Link Sharing Email Notification.

    Share an entry via email.

    To share a copied link, select Anyone With Link under ‘Share With.’ Click copy and then paste the link as needed.

    Share a copied link to an entry.

  5. If you need the link to expire, click Expire and select a number of days after which the link will no longer be available.

Your form’s title is used as part of the URL for your workflow links. If you update your form’s title, any previously shared workflow links will no longer be valid.