Sorting & filtering entries

Dealing with a lot of data? Select your columns, sort the data, and filter down your entries to just the ones you need to see.

Sorting entries

The Sort option on the Entries page allows you to reorder entries alphabetically, numerically, or by other specified criteria.

  1. Start by selecting the Sort tab.
  2. Next, select the field and order that you want to sort by. Most fields sort alphabetically (A-Z and Z-A) or numerically (0-9 and 9-0), with the exception of Signature fields (signed or unsigned) and Yes/No fields (checked or unchecked). Some field types (such as sections, tables, and repeating sections) cannot be sorted.
  3. Click the plus sign to add additional requirements, and click the trash icon to delete requirements.
  4. When you’re finished setting your criteria, select Apply to sort your entries.

Sorting entries.

Filtering entries.

Filtering entries

You can use the Filter function on the Entries page to filter down entries based on entry status or payment status. You can also filter by keyword, or use the advanced filter for more specific criteria.

Entry status

Filter entries based on their entry status (Incomplete, Submitted, Reviewed, and Complete)

Payment status

Filter entries based on their payment status (Unpaid, Pending, Paid, Declined, and Refunded).

Keyword filter

Filter entries that contain specific keywords. For example, if you enter a website address (“”) and click the Apply button, the entry view will filter down to just entries that contain that address.

Advanced filter

The advanced filter allows you to use the conditional logic builder to filter based on specified criteria.

For example, you can filter entries based on the number of items in a repeating section:

Using the advanced filter to filter entries.