Creating entry views

This feature is available to organizations on the Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans.

Once you make a change to the current entry view (like displaying different columns or sorting/filtering entries), you can click Save to save those settings as a unique entry view. Create up to 16 different entry views per form, and then toggle between each view as needed.

To create a new entry view:

  1. Open the Entries page for your form.

  2. Select the All Entries dropdown and then select + New View.
    Save your settings to create an entry view.

  3. Customize the entry view name, columns, and sort/filter options.

  4. Select Save to save your new entry view. To set this view as the default view for your Entries page, drag the entry view to the top of the list.

Quick Tip

Move a field to the first column on the Entries grid to display that field value at the top of each entry. Some columns (including Signature fields, File Upload fields, Content fields, Repeating Sections/Tables and Entry Status/Date Submitted) will be skipped.


Entry view settings

Click the settings icon on the left hand side of the Entries menu to open your view settings:

Entry view settings.

  • View Name – Edit the name of the view.
  • Role – Set a role for the entry view. This setting will only display the fields (and actions) available based on your form’s workflow roles. You can specify which organization members have access to this role-based view from the Edit Role dialog on the Build page. The assigned role will appear next to the view name in the entry view list.
  • Delete – Delete the view. Once deleted, the view cannot be restored.
  • Copy – Make a copy of the view.

Frequently Asked Questions