Thank you, ConvergeSE!

Jamie T. By Jamie T. | April 20, 2015

We had a great time at ConvergeSE! Sharing our experiences at the conference and meeting and learning from other folks in the web design industry was an awesome break from our normal routine and is definitely something we would love to do more often. Below are copies of our presentations if you missed our talks or just want to review our materials. We look forward to ConvergeSE 2016!

Responsive Design for Web Applications

by Jennifer Dellacroce

Nowadays, everyone is building responsive websites. But what are the unique challenges faced when designing complex user interactions that need to work beautifully on all screen sizes? During this presentation, we’ll discuss real life examples and our thought processes in tackling responsive design for our online form builder.

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Managing Feature Requests & Backlog

by Jamie Thomas

Note: Our procedures have evolved as our team and platform have grown. While we’re no longer using Trello in the same ways, we’re keeping this information available as this process served us well for years.

Applying LEAN principles to stay focused while engaging your stakeholders.

If you have ever worked on a project with external stakeholders (aka, not you) then you know how important it is to manage feature requests. When you are working on something small with just a few stakeholders, it is easy to track everything and keep your stakeholders engaged until everything is “done”. But what do you do when the list of features is seemingly endless and the stakeholders numbers in the thousands?

I will discuss how we have applied LEAN principles and used Trello as our Kanban solution to manage our feature list, including our work in progress and feature backlog. We chose to do this “out in the open” where our customers (our stakeholders) could freely participate, comment, and generally help us prioritize features to ensure we remain focused on what is important.

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Jamie T.

Jamie T.

Jamie is co-founder of Cognito Forms, an online form builder for organizations seeking to quickly and easily connect with their customers. In his free time, Jamie loves spending time with his wonderful wife and kids, training for triathlons, camping with boy scouts, singing in the choir, and trying out the latest gadgets.