We’re excited to introduce a series of enhancements to our Entries page, designed to streamline and simplify your entry management processes. Let’s look at why you’ll want to use these new features to manage your data more effectively.

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Download Documents in Bulk

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to download generated documents one at a time. With our new bulk documents download feature, it’s now possible.

This new feature empowers users to download multiple generated files at once, saving time and improving the handling of large volumes of data.

Navigate to the Entries page, select entries in bulk, and download them as a single, convenient zip file with a simple click in the Actions menu.

bulk document download

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Why do we right-click? It’s mainly to access different functions and settings linked to what you’ve selected and often opens menus with specific commands related to your work.

Our new right-click functionality improves and simplifies how you can perform actions on the Entries page.

Now, users can execute various workflow actions from anywhere on the page with just a click. Hover over an entry, right-click, and access the Actions menu. Selecting multiple entries for bulk actions adds a layer of convenience to make changes and updates quickly.

Right-click menu.

Entry View Updates

Reliable entry management reduces errors, enables you to make informed business decisions, optimizes operations, and cuts costs.


This is why we’ve made some necessary updates and additions to optimize how you view your entries.

Now, the entry view dropdown list displays the available views and includes information about the workflow role assigned to each view.

Drag-and-drop functionality allows for easy reordering of views, tailoring the page to your specific needs. We also added a new entry view settings dialog.

With these new Entries page enhancements, we aim to empower users with tools that simplify their workflow and provide a level of control and customization. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Cognito Forms makes it easy to build workflows and organize your entry data for maximum impact.

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Haley N.

Haley N.

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