Bulk Actions

Perform actions on multiple entries all at once.

Try this and all Data Management features.

If your form has a ton of entries, trying to perform actions on individual entries or deleting them all one by one can be quite a tedious task. Instead, take advantage of the ability to perform operations on multiple entries at once.

Start by selecting the specific entries you want (or the entire entry view), and then use the Actions tab to change the entry status, download files, export the data to Excel, delete the entries, or preform workflow actions.

Workflow Actions

Organizations on the Pro, Team and Enterprise plans can perform workflow actions when managing entries in order to perform workflow activities on a batch of entries without having to view and process them individually.

Mark As Read/Unread

When entries are submitted, they will be initially marked as Unread. You can, however, manually mark entries as Read or Unread as needed, one at a time or in batches.

Change Status

Entry statuses enable you to customize how entries flow from one state to another. From an initial entry submission to the completion of your workflow and everything in-between, you can change statuses for multiple entries at the same time.

Download Files

When you use File Upload fields to collect files (such as PDFs and images), you can easily download those files directly to your computer.

You can do this one-file-at-a-time, or Pro, Team and Enterprise users can download files as a bulk action right from the Entries page.


Download entry data as an .xlsx file so you can utilize it in Excel or import it to other systems. Export all your entry data or choose the data wish you to export.


You can delete individual entries one at a time, or delete multiple entries all at once. Just make sure you have a backup!

Working with entries

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