Making a Registration Form for Multiple Events

Jamie T. By Jamie T. | September 3, 2015

When your organization has several events planned during a relatively short period of time, you don’t want to bombard your users with a bunch of different registration forms to fill out. Rather than creating a new form for every event, you can simply combine them all in one. In Cognito Forms, there are a couple ways to accomplish this:

Use repeating sections

You can use repeating sections to allow users to sign up for one or more events, where they can click “Add Event” to add an unlimited set of additional events. Also, limit the number of events they can sign up for by specifying a minimum and maximum range.

Use conditional logic

You can use conditional logic to conditionally show additional questions for a selected event. This could work both in conjunction with repeating sections, or you could simply present a list of events and show fields (or blocks of questions) based on which events they select.

Here’s an example of what a form with both repeating sections and conditional logic could look like:

Forms with multiple events

You can also check out this template to try out this example for yourself.

Regardless of your approach, if you enable payment for some of the events, the form will automatically collect payment only if the selected events result in a charge. Also, especially with the repeating section route, the receipt would be itemized and grouped by each event and selected options, such as an additional t-shirt fee or other add-ons.

Payment block

If you have any specific questions regarding how to put your form together, feel free to contact us! If you’re new to Cognito Forms, get started building powerful, responsive forms for free today!

Jamie T.

Jamie T.

Jamie is co-founder of Cognito Forms, an online form builder for organizations seeking to quickly and easily connect with their customers. In his free time, Jamie loves spending time with his wonderful wife and kids, training for triathlons, camping with boy scouts, singing in the choir, and trying out the latest gadgets.