Repeating Sections & Tables

Collect as much or as little data as your customers can give without adding a lot of clutter.

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Every one of your customers is different. Some of them might want to send eight people to your conference, but others may only want to send one or two. Or maybe one job applicant has six previous jobs, but another only has three. How do you make a single form that accommodates everyone without a lot of clutter?

Repeating Sections

Repeating sections are groups of fields that may need to be duplicated. You only set up the fields once, and all your customers will see is one section—until they click “Add Attendee”, “Add Employer” or “Add” anything else. Collect as much or as little data as your customers can give, without making them scroll forever just to hit “Submit”.

Table Fields

Available to organizations on our Pro, Team, or Enterprise plans, table fields also allow you to collect repeating data—however, table fields keep all your data organized in a concise grid format with columns and rows. In each column, you can create a summary that performs various functions, such as counting the number of items or summing up currency and number data in each row. Plus, repeating sections can instantly be converted to a table field at anytime.

Repeating sections and table fields

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