1. Connect Your Cognito Forms to SharpSpring Using Zapier!

    Nadia A. | November 1, 2018

    Using our integration with Zapier, you can easily link your Cognito Forms directly to your SharpSpring account, allowing you to create new accounts, leads, opportunities, and campaigns from your form submissions in Cognito Forms.

  2. Create One Time Discounts on Your Payment Forms

    Nadia A. | August 6, 2018

    In this post, we're going to walk through the process of creating a special discount just for first-time buyers!

  3. Create a Zendesk Ticket Using Cognito Forms

    Nadia A. | July 6, 2018

    With the help of Zapier, you can automatically create new Zendesk tickets from new Cognito Forms entries.

  4. 3 Easy Ways to Calculate Rating Scales!

    Nadia A. | July 14, 2017

    Whether you're soliciting customer feedback or creating a personality quiz, rating scales (aka [Likert scales](https://www.cognitoforms.com/blog/570/likert-scales-explained--a-comprehensive-guide)) are one of the best methods for collecting a broad range of opinions and behaviors.

  5. Targeting Fields with CSS on Your Embedded Forms

    Nadia A. | July 7, 2017

    When it comes to styling your forms, the Style Editor is a great place to start - but if you want to customize the appearance of your forms even further, you also have the option of directly targeting the CSS of your embedded forms.

  6. Assigning Numeric Values to Choice Fields!

    Nadia A. | March 7, 2017

    You can now add numeric values to choice fields using our visual builder! Easily calculate quiz scores and automate your forms.

  7. Creating Conditional Prefilled Redirects!

    Nadia A. | February 7, 2017

    Learn how to transfer data from one form onto another; plus, with the help of some conditional logic, send your users to a different prefilled form depending on the information they submit!

  8. 4 Easy Steps to Creating a Lead Capture Form!

    Nadia A. | October 28, 2016

    As the focal point of your landing page, a lead capture form serves as a way to collect contact information from potential customers.

  9. Use Word Features to Create Awesome Custom Documents!

    Nadia A. | July 20, 2016

    With the ability to edit your document templates directly in Microsoft Word, you can take advantage of all the handy features that the program has to offer.

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