How do free trials work?

If you sign up for free trial of a Cognito Forms plan, you’ll be charged absolutely nothing for the first 14 days of your subscription. You can enjoy all of the features available on your chosen plan level absolutely free.

After 14 days, your card will automatically be charged a prorated amount based on the plan level you chose and how many days are left in the month. You’ll then be charged the regular monthly subscription fee on the first of each following month for as long as you choose to maintain your subscription.

To end your free trial at any time:

  1. Select your organization’s name in the top left corner and then select Settings.
  2. Select Plan in the left-hand navigation or scroll to the Plan section.
  3. Select the Edit Trial link.
  4. Confirm your trial cancellation.
    How to cancel a free trial of Cognito Forms.