We’ve put together a list of the top ten most popular templates used in 2023 to help you get inspired and achieve even more in the new year. They’re simple to set up, easy to distribute, secure, customizable, and provide valuable insights.

Once you’ve found the perfect template to fit your needs, add or remove fields and functions, customize it to fit your style, and embed it on your website or start sharing with a custom link!

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Basic Sales Form

Basic Sales Form

Boost payment volume with our free basic sales form template. Customize it for your company and add products, set up calculations to total your orders, and integrate with your favorite online payment providers. You can even add promo codes and discounts!

Basic Contact Form

For a company to succeed, they must deeply understand their customers’ needs. A common approach is to set up a basic contact form to collect contact information for your customers and website visitors to generate leads. By doing this, businesses can capture their audience’s attention and give their brand a unique voice in the market.

Our convenient (and free) basic contact form template bridges the gap between you and potential customers, providing a seamless communication avenue.

Quick Tip: Utilize an organization theme to maintain consistent branding across departments.

Employment Application

Employement Application

Managing job applications can be a complicated and time-consuming process. It involves asking specific questions and gathering essential documents such as resumes and cover letters. Once you’ve received all the necessary information, you must review it thoroughly to ensure that only suitable candidates are selected for interview.

Use our free employment application form template to simplify collecting and managing job applications. This template will help you gather all the relevant information from candidates, including their qualifications, work authorization details, salary and preferences, and how they learned about the position.

To streamline the hiring process, incorporate a job offer approval form. Workflow automation features allow you to send job applications directly to the relevant hiring managers and approve them.

Summer Camp Registration

Summer Camp Registration

Summer camps often sell out quickly. Online forms allow parents to begin registration at a specific time and from the comfort of their homes. This summer camp registration template is a great way to register campers for the upcoming season. It’s customizable to questions specific to your camp and adds a payment integration to collect enrollment fees simultaneously. Cognito Forms even offers HIPAA compliance for those collecting sensitive medical information.

Event RSVP

Planning a professional event or social gathering and want a stylish yet efficient way to collect RSVP’s? Use our free event RSVP form template. Once someone submits their RSVP, the internal form status will change to Attending or Not Attending.

5K Sign Up

Our free 5K Sign Up template simplifies the process of accepting online registrations for race organizers. With this template, you can collect online payments while signing up, register multiple runners, offer early-bird discounts, and more.

Medical History Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

Our credit card authorization template is the perfect solution for businesses needing to collect customer billing information securely. We use our PCI-compliant Card on File feature to store card information safely with your payment provider. This feature makes it easy to collect card information when making reservations or downpayment options for services.

Medical History Form

Use our free medical history form template to securely gather information about a patient’s past medical conditions and treatments. You can easily customize the template to suit your medical practice by adding, removing, or modifying fields as needed (Please note that our Enterprise plans can be made HIPAA compliant).

Use smart integrations like Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, Make, or JSON webhooks to connect data with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. Additionally, you can embed the form directly into your website, making it quick and easy for new patients to register.

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Conference Registration Form

Conference Registration Form

Are you looking to manage your event registration and ticket sales? This conference registration form template will do the job perfectly.

Easily enable attendees to sign up online for your next conference, customize it for your event and organization, and connect your payment account to collect ticket sales.

This template allows you to register multiple people on the same form with repeating sections and even set limits on the number of tickets purchased – with any added fields and functionality. Embed it on your website, post it to Facebook, or email it to your list to begin registering attendees for your upcoming conference.

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Cognito Forms is an excellent online form builder offering a wide range of templates to help you create professional-looking forms quickly. Whether you need to create a simple contact form, a registration form, or a more complex survey, we’ve got you covered.

With our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily customize your forms to suit your needs. Plus, with features like payment processing, conditional logic, and integrations with popular integration tools, Cognito Forms is the perfect tool to start your year off right.

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