What's changed with the new look?

We’ve updated the Cognito Forms interface with a fresh, streamlined design. The major changes are visual, but we also made updates to the navigation to make things more user-friendly, including:

  • Your organization’s name appears in the top left-hand corner.
    Organization name.

  • We moved the bottom navigation bar on the Build and Publish pages to the top of the screen.
    Top navigation.

  • We updated the left-hand form menu to include recent forms and folders. This menu also now has a search function.
    Form folders.

  • Your organization’s dashboard now includes an area where you can easily see your current plan level and usage.
    Plan limits.

  • We consolidated the organization menu and the account menu into one menu.
    Organization and account menu.

  • We split up the Style Editor into three separate tabs on the Publish page.
    Publish page.

  • You can access your forms from any page in the application.

  • The Build page has improved functionality on mobile screen sizes.