Document Merging

In Cognito Forms, you can easily generate PDF and Word documents from your form entry data. You can use these documents in all of the following ways:

  • Include links to download documents on the confirmation page of your form
  • Attach documents to email notifications
  • Create and download documents when managing entries
  • Share documents at any time via email when managing entries
  • Send documents automatically to hundreds of popular cloud services using Make/Microsoft Power Automate/Zapier
  • Create JSON webhooks to push generated documents into custom systems

Standard Templates

You can generate basic PDF files for free using standard document templates. From the Manage Documents dialog, specify what you want to include in the document, such as entry details, receipts, form title, logo, etc.


Custom Templates

When you need a bit more control, you can customize standard templates by downloading the standard template as a Word document and use our simple and powerful merge syntax to completely customize your generated document. You can also specify whether you want the output to be in Word or PDF format. Learn more about creating custom templates.

The Manage Document Templates dialog includes a billing mode for each custom document template. You can toggle between Test mode and Live mode:

  • Test: Custom templates set to Test mode will include a Cognito Forms watermark. Your organization will not be charged for test documents.
  • Live: Once you’re finished building your document template, set it to Live mode to remove the Cognito Forms watermark. You are charged at the end of the month per live template (including templates that were set to Live at any point during the month, and then changed back to Test).


Quick Tip

You can review your document merge usage in the Plan section on your organization settings page.

Each live document template (e.g. a template set to Live mode) costs a flat fee of $4 per form per month - no matter how many times the template is used to generate a document. Organizations on the Enterprise plan receive 10 free templates, and are charged $4/template/month for any additional templates. Because documents are priced on a per form basis, templates copied along with copied forms are considered new templates.

Individual Pro Team Enterprise
Live Document Templates N/A* $4/template/month $4/template/month 10 free templates + $4/template/month for additional templates

*Organizations on the Individual plan can only generate Test versions of custom documents, which include a Cognito Forms watermark.