Checking usage

You can check your organization’s monthly usage from the Plan section on your organization’s settings page. Your usage is based on your organization’s number of users, entry count, number of document merges, and your overall storage capacity.

To check your organization’s monthly usage:

  1. Click on your organization’s name in the top right and then click the settings icon next to your organization.
  2. Click Plan in the left-hand navigation.
  3. You can now view the current usage for your users, entries, merges, and storage.

View your organization's monthly usage in the Plan section.

Storage capacity

Quick Tip

We divide by 1,000 (not 1024) to calculate storage amounts in KB, MB, GB, etc.

Your organization’s storage capacity (which does not reset monthly) is calculated based on a mix of the following:

  1. The form entries (including the entry audit log and entries that have been archived).
  2. All files uploaded to entries via the File Upload field.
  3. Signature fields.

You can view your overall storage capacity from the Plan section of your organization settings page. Additionally, you can view the storage amount of individual forms on the forms home page:


Clearing out storage

Typically, your organization’s storage is mostly comprised of uploaded files. To delete the files attached to your entries:

  1. Select an entry from the entries list on the Entries page.
  2. Once the specific entry has been selected, scroll to the Document Upload field.
  3. Select the X icon to delete the file attached to the entry.


Exceeding limits

When you exceed your plan limits, here’s what will happen:


Excess entries will continue to be collected, but access to them will be locked. Additionally, excess entries will not trigger any email notifications or integrations.

To unlock these entries, simply upgrade to a plan level with the necessary entry capacity within the next 30 days. (After 30 days, you’ll no longer have access to the locked entries.)


Uploaded files will continue to be collected, but access to them will be locked.

To unlock these files, either upgrade to a plan level that provides the amount of storage you’re using, or delete any older/unnecessary files. Organizations on the Enterprise plan can increase their storage capacity beyond the 100 GB limit at a cost of $25 per 50 GB.


If you downgrade to a free Individual plan, excess users will lose access to the organization and not be able to manage forms or entries. On all other plans, excess users will automatically be billed per additional user/month for each user above the amount included on your plan level. See our Pricing for details.

Organization owners will be notified via email when their organization passes 80% of their entry or storage capacity and again when the limit has been exceeded. You can also use the Plan section in your organization’s settings page to track your monthly usage.