Can I use Cognito Forms for customers who want to pay in person or pay later?

Yes! Cognito Forms supports onsite and deferred payments in two ways:

  • Option 1: Add a Choice field called “Payment Options” with two options: “Pay Now” and “Pay Later”. Then, set the “Require Payment When” to this calculation: =(PaymentOptions = "Pay Now") If a customer chooses “Pay Now”, they’ll have to put in their card information to submit the form. If they select “Pay Later”, they can just submit their order without payment.

  • Option 2: Manually create a new entry at any time from your Entries menu. In both situations, this will create an Unpaid entry. You can then make a manual payment on this entry via cash or credit card, without ever leaving Cognito Forms.

Learn more about managing payment entries in our Collecting Payment guide.