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Authenticated Timesheet with Connected Employee List

Our free Timesheet Form template allows employees to easily submit detailed multi-entry timesheets. Use a table field to collect as many time entries as necessary and add any additional fields and functionality you like. Using Workflow, this template automatically triggers status changes and sends email notifications to those involved, making your timesheets more efficient than ever. This template is connected to an Employee ID List form that populates the data for the Employee Name and Email fields.

The form’s authentication settings require an employee to log in with their Cognito Forms username and password. The process begins when an employee submits their timesheet. This entry is then reviewed by a manager who can approve the timesheet, reject it, or ask for more information. Customize this template and add, edit or remove fields to collect all the information you need.

This template uses Lookup Fields. For full functionality, you must be on a Team plan or higher and copy its connected form. Learn more.

Authenticated Timesheet with Connected Employee List

Our free timesheet form template allows employees to submit detailed multi-entry timesheets. Plus, receive notifications whenever a new timesheet is submitted.



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