How do I use templates with Lookup fields?

Templates that use Lookup fields are a bit different from standard templates. They include additional, connected forms that supply entry data to populate dropdown menus on the template.

This extra level of connectivity enables you to work more efficiently. You can reference the same data from multiple forms, eliminating the need to update rapidly changing data in multiple places (such as when teachers change courses from one semester to the next, or store locations open and move.)

How to use these templates:

  1. Choose the Template you want to use and select Use This Template. (The template will open in the Cognito Forms builder for you to customize.)
  2. Click Save Connected Forms in the pop-up dialog (You can choose to save the sample entries already entered in your connected forms or not. These entries are placeholders and only exist to demo the Lookup Fields.)
  3. Save your new form template and connected forms. (You can rename the forms at this time - before entering your source information.)
  4. Preview your new form to make sure the Lookup fields are working.
  5. Enter your data (or replace the sample entry data) in the connected forms by creating new entries.
  6. Return to the main form and preview it again. You should see your entry data appearing in the appropriate Lookup field dropdowns on the form.
  7. From here, you can continue customizing your template as you would any other. Add your own branding, create additional automation, and build out your form like you would any other.

Learn more about copying these templates into your account in our form building tutorials.