Beautify Your Forms With New Image Support

By Rita F. | January 19, 2015

We released a lot of new features at the end of 2014, including multi-page forms and custom email confirmations, but one feature that has flown slightly under the radar is the new ability to add images to your Cognito Forms.

Adding images to your forms creates a better experience for your users, especially when creating order forms or online surveys. For example, check out a quick survey we built:

Puppy survey

FYI - Pretty much everything is better with puppies, even online forms.

How do I use this awesome new feature?

Easy! If you have images hosted on another server, you can use a Content field to insert that image into your form. Or, you can simply upload the file and host it directly on Cognito Forms. Content fields can be placed within any of the available field placeholders on your form’s Build page. To add an image, click the image icon from the Content field toolbar, then upload or link to your image.

Content field editor

Simple, right? You can then position your content field near related fields, like we did with our survey. We added our puppy pictures, then placed a choice field directly underneath so the association is clear.

As with all of our current features, image support is absolutely free with any Cognito Forms account, so get started with yours today!



Rita is the marketing director for Cognito Forms. She brings more than 8 years of experience in marketing and is probably the team's most talkative member. An avid Gamecock fan and not-so-closet nerd, she loves spending time with her husband and their dog, Sirius.