How do I create a coupon code?

Quick Tip

Need help getting started? Our order form template has a coupon code field set up and ready to go!

To create a coupon code or add a discount to your payment form:

  1. Add a Textbox field for customers to type in their coupon code.
  2. In your Coupon Code field settings, select Show Custom Error - When. Set an error to appear when the coupon code field is filled out, and the entered code is not correct: =(CouponCode != null and CouponCode != "SAVE10") Make sure to include a custom error message as well (“Invalid code.”)
  3. Add a Price field to calculate the discount, and enter your discount expression in the Amount section of the Price field settings: =if CouponCode = "SAVE10" then -ItemTotal* 0.10 else 0

Calculating a total using a 10% discount.

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