How do I determine if a Choice field's other option is selected when using conditional logic?

When you have a Choice field that allows for fill in answers, you’ll need to use a slightly different approach to determine when the fill in answer (or the “other” option) is selected with conditional logic.

For example, let’s say that you want a Textbox field appear when the fill in option is selected. You have no way of knowing which specific value a form user will enter, so you’ll need to take the opposite approach:

  1. Find the Show This Field option in your Textbox field settings.
  2. Specify all of the conditions that will not make the Textbox appear, as well as ensuring that the Choice field is filled out.
  3. Make sure to save your changes.

Using the conditional logic builder to determine if a Choice field is filled out and the other option is selected.

Now, the Textbox will appear only when someone enters a fill in answer.

The second textbox field appears automatically when a user enters a fill-in answer.

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