How do I turn off or close my form?

To turn off (or ‘unpublish’) a form, try one of the following options:

  1. Disable public links. Turn off the Public Links option in your form’s Workflow menu and make sure to customize the ‘Not Available Message’ that users see if they visit your form once it is unavailable. Please note that public link availability settings do not affect Save and Resume links or Workflow links.

  2. Change the form’s availability end date. Find the Public Links section in your form’s Workflow menu and set the ‘Available To’ date and time to any time in the past.

  3. Archive the form. From your Dashboard, select your form and then select the Archive option at the top to archive the form. Archived forms are not accessible to users (though they can be restored at any time).

To learn more, visit our Organizing Forms guide.